Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid could be a waxy, colorless or white solid that exudes a light odor. It’s soluble in oil however solely slightly dissolves in water, therefore it floats. Stearic acid could be a long-chain fatty acid that, thanks to its 18-carbon chain, is additionally stated as saturated fatty acid. Stearic acid may be obtained from the fatty components of plant sources that makes it ideal to be used in natural formulations. NDA’s stearic acid is obtained from vegetable oil, its natural supply creating it a safer substitute for chemicals which will be found in cosmetic product.


Stearic Acid is also accustomed kind the bottom of alternative ingredients that are meant to be incorporated into formulations as lubricants, emollients, and emulsifiers. In emulsions, stearic acid is an efficient stabilizer, thickener, and chemical that contributes a cooling sensation on the skin. It’s conjointly identified to contribute a pearly end to lubricants.


Stearic Acid helps to harden product, like candles and soap bars, serving to the latter to make an expensive lather that feels velvety. This property makes it ideal to be used in shaving foams. With occlusive properties, it helps the skin stay hydrous by preventing or fastness wet loss from the skin’s surface.


When supplemental to recipes for paraffin candles, stearic acid functions as a hardener. The more durable the wax, the longer it'll take the flame to soften it, therefore leading to a longer-lasting candle. As a result of stearic acid causes wax to shrink because it cools down, it additionally permits the simple unharness of the ultimate product from a mold. What is more, its pacifying properties facilitate to spice up the colors of supplemental dyes. Being a fragrance ingredient, lipoid Acid’s fat cells attach to the scent of another aroma and prevents it from oozing out of the candle that permits the fragrance to last longer. Suggested Usage for Candles: 3-5%.