rubbers. These are also known as thermoplastic. PVC is also known as a white powder. There are a lot more vinyl but most uses vinyl is PVC resin.

Chlorine and Crude oil are the main raw materials to produce PVC resin. Suspension, mass, emulsion and solution methods are the commonly used steps to manufacture PVC resin.

This high level of chemical resistance has a weakness which is UV exposure. This can often be reduced after adding plasticizers. We always recommend you to avoid this type of exposure.

PVC resin has many grades for application. Grades are-

  1. Fitting Grade
  2. Pipe Grade
  3. Wire & Cable Insulation Grade
  4. Leather & Shoes Grade

Products made with PVC resin include Blood Bags, Windows frames, Ports, Roofing, Cable & Wire, Toys, Sports goods, Insulation, Hosepipes, Upvc pipes, Bottles, Car seat Back, Aprons, Life Jacket, Flip Flops' upper Ropes, etc. Many of the industries in Bangladesh using PVC resin to produce those products and Echo Corporation is one of the biggest supplier of High-Performance PVC Resin with Cheap Price.