HMS & HMS 1 | 2

HMS 1 and 2 are widely traded, particularly in the western hemisphere.

Both HMS 1 and 2 comprise obsolete scrap only - iron and steel recovered from items demolished or dismantled at the end of their life.

Because both grades guarantee a minimum piece thickness – at least 14 inch (6.35 mm) for HMS 1, and 18 inch (3.175 mm) for HMS 2 – consignments have a high density. Both also have defined maximum dimensions (usually 60 in × 24 in or 1,524 mm × 610 mm), and should be prepared to facilitate handling and charging to a furnace.

This density, sizing and preparation makes for efficient furnace operation by minimising the time to charge enough scrap for a full melt. In contrast, thin mixed scrap greatly increases charging time, cutting furnace productivity.